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The current situation termed as “deflationary death spiral” by Yusko may position Bitcoin as a safe instrument at a time when even the cryptocurrency is in the unenthusiastic state. Yusko added that Bitcoin might emerge as a potential cure to all this chaos. As per the American investor, weakening trends are persisting across the board of all real tangible assets such as commodities, gold ... Inflation vs. deflation. Deflation is when there is a general decline in prices over a set period. Though inflation is often a threat to a nation’s economy, deflation may also be dangerous. First, deflation tends to slow down economic activity. As prices fall, consumers develop the habit of delaying purchases until prices are lower. Second, deflation can then cause businesses to reduce ... The author of “The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future,” Jeff Booth, has made the case that bitcoin will become the world’s reserve currency and all national ... Deflation has been a point of debate among the various schools of economic thought for a very long time. One one hand, the Keynesians and Neo-Keynesians argue that deflation is a very negative economic phenomenon and constantly warn of a “deflationary death spiral,” in which people will stop spending indefinitely—in constant anticipation of lower prices—and businesses will fail. Der Bitcoin-Kurs befindet sich nicht erst seit gestern in einer atemberaubenden Rallye. Auf 30-Tagessicht konnte der Bitcoin-Kurs schon über 47 Prozent gut machen. Einen derartigen Anstieg kannte man zuletzt von der Krypto-Blase Ende 2017. Allein in dieser Woche wurden so zwei neue Marken erklommen. Erst die 14.000-US-Dollar-Marke und dann gestern die 15.000 US-Dollar-Marke. What Is a Deflationary Spiral? A deflationary spiral is a downward price reaction to an economic crisis leading to lower production, lower wages, decreased demand, and still lower prices. Deflation…

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Binance stopped operations! Blockchain Bitcoin conference Istanbul

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